Pure water window cleaning

Pure water window cleaning is relatively new method of cleaning that has revolutionised the industry as its many benefits far outweigh other methods. By being soap and detergent free, not only is it 'greener' and faster but also provides a superior and longer lasting clean.

Reaching new heights

Pure water cleaning systems are specially designed telescopic water fed poles with soft bristle brushes to clean the window whilst jets of ultra pure water rinse the glass.  

Manufactured from light weight glass or carbon fibre, these can easily be extended and operated from the ground on buildings up to 60 feet high. 

Aside from the obvious safety benefits, one of the most important differences between using pure water cleaning systems and conventional methods is that of speed. On average a four bedroom house could take less than 20 minutes to complete including setup time thereby reducing the price of the job. 

The best a window can get

The secret of this performance lies with the water itself. Normal tap water contains many dissolved minerals. While these are not harmful to us for drinking if this water was used to clean windows it would leave spots and smears as the minerals would be left behind. 

Pure water cleaning systems use several stages of filtration to remove all minerals so that the water rinsing the glass is so pure that it can be left to dry naturally without leaving any marks behind.  

Windows cleaned with pure water systems will also stay clean for longer because there is no sticky residue left by soap on the window for dust or pollution to hang on to. 

Make your home, shop or office windows shine

Pure water cleaning systems can be used for all types of window cleaning from large commercial buildings to residential properties including for the latter windows that would be inaccessible by conventional methods, like for example above a conservatory. 

At C-Thru, all our window cleaners are fully trained to use our pure water cleaning systems so you can be sure of a quick, affordable and spotless window cleaning for your home or business every time. 

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