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Window cleaning Eastbourne 

Based near Eastbourne, C-Thru provides commercial and residential window cleaning services to businesses and residents. 

Our service only uses the latest pure water cleaning technology that cleans the window glass without the use of any detergent. This proves faster and more affordable than traditional soap based approach whilst being 100% safe as systems are operated from the ground.

Our services are also available in Willingdon, Stone Cross Hankham, Pevensey, Westham, Langney, East Dean, Friston, Jevington and Filching.

Residential window cleaning

We clean windows on all residential homes from terrace to detached houses in Eastbourne and surrounding areas. Our pure water systems allow us to reach even the most inaccessible windows, so why not contact us today.
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Commercial window cleaning

We provide commercial window cleaning services to shops, office buildings, hospitals or schools in Eastbourne at a very competitive price and that complies with all health and safety regulations. 
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For further information about our services in Eastbourne, please visit our top questions page.

To discuss your requirements and arrange for a free assessment visit, please call us on 07730537227 or contact us online.